Sections' policy of the Basque Journal of People & Public Organizations' Management


This section contains original experimental research or theoretical research articles that address issues related to human resources, organization and management improvement in public administrations in order to achieve an increased effectiveness and efficiency of public service.

Therefore, among others, this section will include fields such as selection and recruitment, training, performance appraisal, career, job analysis and design, organizational design, public employment, organizational communication, leadership, employees’ motivation and attitudes, teamwork, negotiation, knowledge management, labor relations, working conditions, occupational health, organizational culture, quality instruments, policies and models in public administration, public management, strategic management of human resources, etc.

Articles accepted for the Journal in this section are of three types:

1) Research article. Document that features a full detailed description of the results of original research. Format: Introduction, methodology, results, discussion and bibliography. It should include a review of literature relevant to the research topic, clearly defined methods in line with with the stated purpose, a clear analysis section and a discussion that arises from the data presented in the manuscript.

2) Reflection article. Document that features research results on a specific subject from the analytical, interpretative or critical perspective of the author, resorting to original sources.

3) Review article. Document result of an investigation where published or unpublished research results are analyzed, systematized and integrated, in order to synthesize previous empirical research and to contribute to the advancement of knowledge production in the field of human resources and public organizations’ management.


This section should be an appropriate place for reflection, analysis and dialogue between different visions of law and its relation to the management of public administrations and human resources.

Submitted papers must collaborate in the dissemination of the most relevant and recent legal doctrine related to the scope of the Journal, incorporating research, reflections, comments, studies, case law and legislative notes, etc.


This section will include those innovative, systematic and documented experiences and actions that aim to achieve improvements in the organization and functioning of public administrations. These actions or initiatives should have a demonstrable and tangible impact in terms of improving the effectiveness and efficiency of public service and they should also serve as models so that other organizations can get to know and adapt them to their own situation. This section can include Comparative Experiences, comparative cases in the management of people and organizations, both at international level and in the private sector.

These are the basic criteria to be met by articles about experiences so they can be considered and published by this journal:

-Relevance. The experience is set within or refers to the implementation of actions related to the scope of the Journal.

-Innovation. Either because it changes or questions traditional approaches to intervention or action or because it initiates experiences that are directed to solving organizational or human resource management problems. The innovation of the experience can occur, therefore, both when starting a new program, service or resource, and when applied to an existing resource.


List of the most significant court rulings and a brief summary of the doctrine contained in them.


Analysis of congresses, conferences or events related to the scope of the Journal.


This section tries to give a complete overview of the relevant literature in the field of human resources and organizations’ management that has been published in the 6 months prior to the publication of each issue. It will consider publications in the languages of our context and the languages in which the main works in the field of the Journal are published (Basque, Spanish, French, English ...). The references shall conform to the structure proposed by the American Psychological Association (APA) standard.

It may include book reviews or reviews, which consist of an analysis of one or more publications and their relevance for the research of a topic at a certain moment.On the other hand, the books on which the reviews are based must have been published at most in the last three years.

Reviews should follow the same standards as scientific articles in terms of citations and bibliographic references.


This section is created in order to give opportunity to short articles (around 6000 words) that offer interesting and current information.

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